A very productive day.

I woke up at 5.30 am this morning.Did a 40 minute meditation.Ready to face the day.Had a quick breakfast.Out the door by 8.00 am.Arrived at the soup kitchen in Bridgeport at 8.30 am,to serve breakfast.We had lots of volunteers today.About 100 people came to eat breakfast.I had time to talk to some of them.I enjoy helping when ever I can.

10.30 am I went to Hamden,to pick up a huge load of clothing,toys,books etc. for my clothing ministry.My friend Susan is the owner of a consignment shop in Hamden.She is happy to give me all the unsold items for the people who can use it.I am grateful to receive such nice clothing.

I stopped at the Hamden library to leave my magazines and coupons there.I am amazed how many people come to pick them up.

Last stop,the supermarket.I love to shop there.Everytime I shop,I have to spent more money,but I have no choice.

Finally around 2.00 pm I was able to sit down and enjoy my lunch.


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  1. I am tired,but I feel good.


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