Saturday April 16.2011 was a major laundry day.

Yesterday I did 6 loads  of laundry for the clothing ministry.The washing machine and drier were humming from 8.30 am – 4 pm.It was good exercise for me running up and down the staircase.Friday I had lunch with a friend in Katonah.On my way back to Stratford,I stopped by at my friend Christina’s consignment store to pick up clothing and books.Christina warned me that I will be shocked.Well indeed I was.She had left all the boxes outside on Thursday,they were all soaking wet.She suggested to through them all in the garbage.I did not think it was a great idea.I was willing to salvage what I could.She helped me to get all the boxes in my van.Luckily I had huge strong plastic bags in my van to absorb the wet boxes.

That is how I ended up doing 6 loads of laundry on Saturday.And I am happy I did.The clothing Christina gave me is nice and it will help a lot of people to look well.

Unfortunately I was unable to save the books.I had to place them all in the garbage.


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  1. I love to help people.


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