Carly Simon recalls baseball great Jackie Robinson.

Baseball is more than a pastime for singer Carly Simon.Her version of ” Take Me Out to the Ball Game ” is included on a three -song CD that accompanies a new picture book of the same name.Simon told The Associated Press on Tuesday that her family was friendly with Jackie Robinson‘s family when she was a girl and that the Brooklyn Dodger’s star used to bring her to games and call her his ” lucky charm .” Simon says she found the classic baseball tune,which she originally recorded for Ken Burns documentary ” Baseball,” ” pretty enchanting.”Simon’s father,Simon&Schuster co-founder Richard Simon,helped Robinson buy a house in Stamford,Connecticut in the mid-1950’s,at a time when the community resisted letting blacks live there.She remembers Robinson,the major league’s first black player,as ” gentle and ardent,” a kind man who was passionate about ” fair treatment for everybody ” and a competitor who played tennis like nobody else.” Robinson died in 1972,but Simon remains close to his widow,Rachel Robison.


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  1. I knew that Robinson had at one time recided in Stamford,Ct,but I did not know that Mr.Richard Simon helped him to buy the house there.In those days black and jewish people were discriminated to live in any town in Connecticut.It has changed.I have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination.


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