Raid Ant Baits to the Rescue !

Friday morning when I was ready to prepare my breakfast,I had the shock of my life.Ants had taken over my kitchen counter.I was horrified and I felt sick to my stomach.I managed to eat a quick prepared breakfast and drank some coffee.After breakfast I drove as fast as possible to the Home Depot store.Luckily the cops did not catch me.At the store I was advised to purchase an 8 count value pack of Raid Ant Baits.The sales clerk told me the ant baits will solve my problem.I only had to pay $ 4.47 for the value pack.

At home I placed the baits strategically on the kitchen counter,in corners,under the sink,in cabinets and near the plumbing fixture.On the box it stated the baits will not contaminate feed or food products or food preparation surfaces,dishes,kitchen utensils and food containers.Ants will begin eating the bait immediately and will see fewer ants within days.

BOY ! Those ant baits work.I have not seen one ant since yesterday.What a relief.


One response to this post.

  1. I hope those suckers will not return.


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