Sunday May 1.2011 was a very special day for all the women from St.James

The women’s communion breakfast at the Trumbull Marriott Hotel was hosted by the Ministry with Women at St.James.It started at 9:15 am,with the registration & coffee.That did not go so well.230 women were standing in line,all holding their $20 ticket,to receive their name tags and be seated.Once you were ushered into the Grand Ball Room,you were able to relax.

I was not sure what to expect.This was my first trip to the Trumbull Marriott Hotel,plus my first experience with the women’s community breakfast.I did know some of the ladies from St.James,but we were encouraged to sit at the table with people we had not met at St.James.Well so far so good.I met some very interesting ladies at my table.We did not know each other,but we connected very well.All of us had something to talk about our families,children,work and parish.Before we even had breakfast we were encouraged to share with another lady,how do we experience God in our life.You could make up a story or tell the truth.I was constantly thinking,when is the food being served.By 10 am,I was famished and ready to punch somebody.I really had to control myself and keep on smiling.Then all of a sudden the waiters appeared and the food was served.Naturally it was a buffet breakfast and a lot of varieties you could choose from.I guess my $20 was well spend.

After breakfast we had a witness speaker.Her talk was about her conversion and forgiveness.I was blown away,how open she was about her struggles with her marriage,her painful relationship with her mother and sister.Her father had died when she was very young.I felt so sorry for her,but God was always there for her,only she did not know it during her dark period of her life.The second witness speaker had even more struggles in her life,but in the end she conquered all with God’s help and everlasting love.

The small discussion  groups were very helpful to exchange our own struggles.And the open mic was a great exchange of ideas.It boiled down to,that many of the women were happy that they had participated and grateful for such an enriching morning,including myself.

They even had some very nice door prizes.I did not win anything,bummer……..

The ladies who had been active on the committee to take care of all the details about the communion breakfast did a fantastic job.St.James in Stratford,Ct, is a huge parish.They have 3150 families registered.At my estimate that would be about 7000 parishioners including all the children.It is a very vibrant parish,it has lots of ministries and activities to choose from,and opportunities  to volunteer.There is something there for everybody.Ofcourse the celebration of all the Masses and Adoration are the highlights and bone of the parish.I am happy to be a parishioner of St.James.

All good things have to end.The wonderful Women’s Communion Breakfast was over by 1 pm


4 responses to this post.

  1. I wish we could do this more often.


  2. Ziggy — you captured the morning perfectly! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.


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