About Me

I am a registered nurse,who likes to write and read about anything and everything that interests me,including health,fitness,wellness,diet,nutrition,spirituality and life in general.Reading is one of my passions.Since I started reading at the age of 3,I haven’t put books down since ! You can often find me reading someting,whether its a blog,the online German newspapers,local newspapers and the New York Times.Plus books,magazines or facebook.While I am reading I like to listen to classical or spritual music.I work out a lot and then the big bands keep me going.A lot of my time is spent taking care of my clothing ministry and I volunteer at the soup kitchen in Bridgeport,Ct.

I worked most of my life as a nurse at the Cornell Medical Center in New York City,and as an office nurse in a doctor’s office.I also did some private duty nursing for very well to do patients.I like to be a nurse and I feel it is a very noble profession,but you have to have a calling being a nurse.If you are only in it for the money or prestige,you will never be a good caring,loving and compassionate nurse.

I had my first nursing training in West Germany.I also studied nursing at Pace University in New York City.Beside the nursing,I received a Bachelor Degree from Pace U. in Sociology/Anstropology with a minor in History.Before coming to The United States,I studied 2 years in London,England.There I was introduced to a lot of Americans.I liked them so much and decided to move to the US.I love being an American.

My most accomplishments are my 5 adopted Vietnamese kids.I have 2 daughters and 3 sons.All are married to Vietnamese spouses and they blessed me with 12 grandkids.I am a very proud mom and grandma.I enjoy my kids and grandkids very much.When my 2 younger sons arrived from Vietnam via the refugee camp in Thailand,I opened a day care center in my house in Redding,Ct, to spend more time with my kids.I had the day care center for 5 years.Then in 1991,I had a severe car accident.A 17 year old boy,who was speeding plowed into me and totaled his father’s car and my car.Due to a back injury I was unable to work for over a year.After I recuperated,I worked at a bank,operated my own consignment store and when my back injury was healed,I went back to nursing.Nursing is my real calling.


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