Severe Allergies

My allergies are a pain in the pituitary gland.I am suffering so much.My eyes are hurting.None of the medication I have used has helped.It is so frustrating.


Where Liberty is,there is my country.

By Benjamin Franklin

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day.

When Is Mother’s Day, Really?

When Is Mother’s Day, Really?.

I miss my mom big time.

I am so sad today.I miss talking to my mom.She died May 22.2009 I used to call her daily in Germany,we always had something to talk about.I know she is in a better place now,that does give me some comfort.

Mother’s Day is very painful for me.

My Childhood Dream Job

Group of nurses, Base Hospital #45

To be a pediatric nurse,was my childhood dream job.I did not only had a similar job,I am a pediatric nurse.

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Earth and sky……

Earth and sky,woods and fields,lakes and rivers,the mountains and the sea,are excellent schoolmasters,and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

Sir John Lubbock,English naturalist,19th century